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Onyx chain 52.5 cm

Onyx chain 52.5 cm


The necklace made of square onyx beads and hematite cubes is a beautiful piece of jewelry that has both a deep meaning and a stylish look. The onyx beads are cut in a precise 8 x 8 mm cube shape, giving the necklace a timeless elegance. Onyx is often considered a protective stone and is said to keep evil away, giving this necklace an added protective effect.

Hematite cubes measuring 4 x 4 mm are used as intermediary stones, adding a modern touch to the necklace. Hematite is known for its ability to stabilize and balance energy. Combined with onyx, this creates a perfect harmony between beauty and meaning.

The shiny black magnetic clasp with plastic casing is a perfect finish for the necklace.

The chain is approximately 52.5 cm long and has a weight of about 75 grams.

Apart from the beautiful look and practical design, the necklace is also meant to boost self-confidence and assertiveness. This makes it a perfect gift for someone who can use an extra dose of self-confidence or simply looking for a nice piece of jewelry for everyday life.

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