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Cat eyes chain 50.5 cm

Cat eyes chain 50.5 cm


The elegant cat eye necklace is a stunning piece of jewelry that captivates with its timeless design and intriguing details. Each stone has been carefully crafted from high quality cat eye and cut into a beautiful roller shape that highlights the natural beauty of the stone.

The cat's eye beads add a mysterious and magical glow to the necklace. They have a length of 11 mm and catch the light in a unique way.

Between the cat's eye are 4s faceted gold colored hematite beads that perfectly complement the design of the necklace. The hematite beads shine intensely and provide a classy contrast to the cat eye.

As a practical and stylish detail, the necklace is equipped with a gold-colored magnetic clasp. The clasp makes it easy to put the necklace on and take it off while ensuring a secure hold. The gold-tone magnetic clasp blends seamlessly into the overall design and completes the luxurious look of the necklace.

With a length of approximately 50.5 cm, the necklace sits beautifully on the neck. It can be worn for both formal occasions and everyday wear, adding subtle sophistication to any outfit. Weighing circa 51 grams, the necklace is comfortable to wear while offering a solid and quality feel.

The cat eye necklace is a must-have for all jewelry lovers looking for a unique and appealing accessory. Whether as a gift for a special someone or as a personal piece of jewelry, this necklace is guaranteed to draw admiring glances.

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