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Green Jade Elephant

Green Jade Elephant


Experience the natural beauty of green jade with this exquisite 5cm green jade elephant. This handcrafted piece of art weighs approximately 25 grams and is perfect for collectors, decor lovers, or someone who has a special connection to this beautiful gemstone.

The elephant symbolizes good luck, success and wisdom and is a sign of strength and power in many cultures. This green jade elephant is not only a beautiful decorative piece, but also a good luck charm and a symbol of prosperity.

The green jade gemstone has been prized for centuries for its healing and calming properties. It is also considered a stone of wisdom and prosperity, and is often worn by people seeking spiritual balance and harmony.

This elephant is handcrafted and has lifelike details that accentuate its beauty and elegance. It is perfect for any home, office or room that needs an extra touch of elegance and beauty.

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