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Yellow green jade necklace 44cm

Yellow green jade necklace 44cm

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This yellow-green jade necklace is a beautiful accessory that will add a natural elegance to your look. The necklace is made of 1x4 mm jade discs that are cleverly strung together to create a charming symmetry. Jade is a precious stone that has been prized for centuries for its rare beauty and powerful energetic properties.

The intermediary stones of the necklace are 4s hematite beads, faceted and give the necklace a subtle brilliance. The noble luster of the hematite perfectly matches the soft color of the jade, and the facets on the beads add an extra dimension of beauty.

The 8 bead plastic encased magnetic clasp in matte silver is a practical detail that makes putting on and taking off the necklace a breeze. The clasp is sturdy and secure, so you don't have to worry about the necklace accidentally slipping off.

This necklace is 44cm long and weighs 17g, making it a perfect accessory for everyday wear or special occasions. The combination of jade, hematite and the elegant magnetic clasp makes this necklace a unique piece of jewelry that will add that special touch to any outfit. Order this yellow and green jade necklace today and enjoy the feeling of luxury and elegance it offers you!

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