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Garden chain with red wooden angels

Garden chain with red wooden angels


Our beautiful garden chain with a removable red painted wooden angel is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. With a maximum length of 93 cm, including the 15 cm angel, and a weight of circa 406 g, this chain is sturdy enough to be hung from a tree or plant.

The chain is made of driftwood and beads of different materials such as wood, metal, plastic and glass, which gives a unique and interesting look. The removable wooden angel with the red paint on the side is the highlight of this necklace and can be removed or placed elsewhere as you like.

This garden chain is perfect as a gift for any garden or nature lover, or as an addition to your own outdoor decor. It will give you many years of enjoyment and enhance the ambiance of your garden or patio. Order now our garden chain with removable wooden angel and add a touch of elegance and rusticity to your outdoor space!

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