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Peace agate chain 50 cm

Peace agate chain 50 cm


Immerse yourself in the harmonious world of peace agate with our faceted peace agate necklace. Measuring approximately 50 cm in length and weighing about 94 grams, this necklace not only exudes elegance, but also embodies the deep calm and balance that peace agate symbolizes.

Each 12 bead of the peace agate sparkles beautifully in the light and has been carefully selected to be handcrafted into a necklace.

The 12pc permut color plastic encased magnetic clasp keeps the necklace secure and easy to fasten.

Wear this Friedensachat necklace with pride and let its splendor surround you. Feel the peace and serenity that this gemstone radiates as you go about your day in harmony and unison. The Peace Agate Necklace is more than just a piece of jewelry - it is a connection to inner peace and outer beauty.

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