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Colorful mix bracelet

Colorful mix bracelet


The gemstone mix bracelet is a fascinating creation that combines the natural beauty of different gemstones in a unique design. This bracelet consists of green and orange aventurine, dalmatian jasper, yellow and light green jade, landscape jasper, tree agate and Picasso jasper. Each gemstone type is represented by three beads of 8 in a row before the next rock type follows.

With a length of about 20 cm and a weight of about 18 g, the bracelet is comfortable to wear.

The different gemstones, from the soft greens of aventurine to the vibrant patterning of Picasso jasper, create a stunning visual appearance. Each stone has its own meaning and energetic properties that add a special touch to your outfit.

Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, it adds a unique and colorful touch to any outfit. Discover the fascinating variety of gemstones with this wonderful pearl bracelet.

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