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Botswana agate tumbled stone

Botswana agate tumbled stone


Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty and feel the powerful energy of Botswana Agate with our unique tumbled stones! Carefully crafted from high quality Botswana Agate, these stones radiate a calming aura that will captivate you. Whether used for meditation, jewelry making, or simply as collectibles, they are versatile. Bring harmony, balance and an extra dose of uniqueness into your life with our exquisite Botswana agate tumbled stones!


Each piece is unique.

Dimensions: approx. 20-30 mm.

Interesting Fact: Botswana Agate has always been valued for its grounding and stabilizing effects. It helps to release emotional blockages and boost self-confidence.

Each stone is hand selected for you.

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