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Ametrine obelisk 76g

Ametrine obelisk 76g


This ametrine obelisk is a beautiful and unique piece made from the rare gemstone ametrine. Weighing 76 grams, measuring 5 cm in height and 3 cm in diameter, this obelisk is a perfect addition to any gemstone collection.

Ametrine is a rare combination of amethyst and citrine that grow together in one crystal. This creates a fascinating color combination of purple and yellow. These colors are beautifully combined in this obelisk and shimmer in a unique way depending on the light and angle of viewing.

This ametrine obelisk has been intricately hand cut and polished to accentuate its natural beauty and radiance. Its obelisk shape gives it a special elegance and a touch of antiquity.

This gemstone is excellent for meditation and spiritual purposes. Its energy is said to promote clarity, relaxation and inner peace. As a decorative piece, it is a real eye-catcher that creates a special atmosphere in any room.

The Ametrineobelisk comes in a matching gift box that keeps it safe and makes it a wonderful gift for any gemstone lover.

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