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Amethyst/Rose Quartz Necklace 55cm

Amethyst/Rose Quartz Necklace 55cm


The necklace of 12s amethyst beads and 12s rose quartz beads is a beautiful piece of jewelry that embodies the perfect harmony between beauty and meaning. The amethyst beads represent spiritual renewal and clarity, while the rose quartz beads open the heart chakra and promote love and harmony.

Faceted hematite was used as the intermediary stone, adding a modern touch and the perfect complement to the delicate colors of amethyst and rose quartz. Hematite represents stability and balance and enhances the effect of the other two stones.

The necklace is completed by a plastic coated magnetic clasp in 12 beads, has a length of about 55 cm and a weight of about 92 grams.

This necklace is perfect for any occasion, whether as a daily accessory or for special occasions.

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