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Amethyst rock crystal necklace 55cm

Amethyst rock crystal necklace 55cm


Immerse yourself in the dazzling beauty of our necklace, artfully designed with diagonally drilled cube-shaped rock crystal beads and approximately 1 cm free-form amethyst beads. Elegant 4 amethyst beads serve as intermediary stones, while an olive-shaped, plastic-sheathed magnetic clasp in matte platinum perfectly completes the design.

With a length of circa 55 cm, the necklace gently nestles around your neck and adds an aura of sophistication to your look. The weight of approximately 49 grams ensures a comfortable wearing experience.

This necklace is truly eye-catching and makes a great gift or addition to your own jewelry collection. Experience the fused elegance of rock crystal and amethyst, united in a timeless design by the Gemstone Kingdom in Stuhr.

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